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Rescue Your Nails From Bad Habits and Over-Processed Nail Treatments!

  • LAELANI Cuticle Pen is loaded with rich nutrients designed to promote strong, luxurious nails and soft, healthy cuticles! Made from the essential oils of avocados and grapeseeds, this is the cuticle oil you need to promote a beautiful manicure!
  • Avocado oil’s strong potassium and keratin content along with Vitamin E give a wonderful boost to nail health! Together they strengthen nails for longer growth and soften cuticles.
  • Grapeseed oil restores nail health and encourages strength. It’s wonderful to prevent splits and peeling in the nail bed, plus it’s a wonderful cuticle lotion!

Purchase Your LAELANI Cuticle Pen Today for Healthy, Soft Cuticles and Longer, Stronger Nails!

Laelani Cuticle Oil Pen

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